Accounting and finance jobs Farnham

Monday, June 8, 2015

Working in accounting and finance can be highly lucrative. In the world of careers, it is one of the wisest and most practical choices you can make. Accountancy in particular offers a wide range of opportunities that remain relatively recession-proof. This industry tends to be buoyant even in the choppiest of economic waters. Once you’re qualified as a chartered accountant, you can also train further in business, practice or banking. 

This type of work tends to be very well paid, with many accountancy trainees doubling their salary during their training agreement. Newly qualified ACAs will find their salaries often trump those found in other sectors. 

It’s also a highly flexible field to move into, opening many opportunities in the highest levels of finance or business. If you’re looking to work abroad at some point, these sorts of qualifications are recognised in most countries around the world. Career destinations for accountants include general management for banks and financial services, partnerships of accountancy practices, managing your own business, and much more. 

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