Are You An Experienced Software Developer Based Near Farnham?

Monday, November 7, 2022

With the world becoming increasingly digitalised, there’s never been more opportunities for software developers. They’re required in almost every industry, meaning you’ll have many career options available.

There’s a high demand for software developers in the UK, so these types of roles tend to offer competitive salaries. Many people also get to travel as part of their job to conferences where major companies like to promote their latest innovations. 

Gregory Martin is currently seeking a Software Developer – C#, .net in Farnham, Surrey.

This hybrid role is for a successful software house developing mission critical systems for airport operations. 

You should be a  motivated self-starter with the company seeking Software Developers / Programmers with a passion for and experience of hands-on programming - C# with .net Framework and/or .net Core. You will also have a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar. 

Ideal for a postgraduate, you can expect to achieve around a salary of £25,000 to £30,000; a graduate with experience who could earn up to £60,000. You must have no obstacles to obtain airside security clearance and have a valid passport.

Interested in working in digital marketing? Gregory Martin is also looking for an Account Manager for a company near Farnborough, Hampshire.

This hybrid role is for a successful digital marketing agency. The company is looking for someone that has a keen interest and good knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, PPC, Google Adwords and more. 

You will need to be client focused and confident in communicating by email, telephone and in person. They’re seeking a strong team player who will instinctively help others achieve their goals

For more information on these roles, simply contact their friendly team today.