Avionics Support Engineer Jobs In Wimborne

Monday, July 8, 2019

Looking to further your career in the aerospace sector? Are you based near Wimborne?

Although Brexit uncertainty has hampered growth in the aerospace industry, the government has provided UK exporters with £482 million in support. Furthermore, the UK still has the third largest aerospace industry of any country in the world, and the largest in Europe. What better industry to be building a career in?

In order for this industry to thrive, it needs to be bolstered by skilled engineers and support staff, such as software engineers. Part of the reason the sector  thrived in the 1950s and 1960s, was due to number of military aviation specialists who, after World War II, were recruited to work in this sector. Today, one study estimated that the UK needs another 1.8 million engineers and technicians by the year 2025. The same survey found that almost a quarter of staff are over the age of 55, which means we need to be recruiting the next generation.

The prospects for young avionics  engineers are tremendously exciting. Aerospace salaries are around a third higher than average manufacturing wages and 43% more than the average UK salary, according to government research.

Gregory Martin frequently have exciting vacancies at leading aerospace companies in the UK, including those in Wimborne, Wincanton and Marlow.

Their latest vacancies include an opportunity for a Quality Engineer in Marlow who has an understanding of aerospace, quality system and regulatory requirements.

If you’re based near WImborne and looking to work in the avionics sector, why not browse their latest vacancies today?