Check Out The Latest Engineering Roles In Stevenage

Monday, August 15, 2022

Most industries in the UK are struggling with skills shortages, but few more so than the engineering sector. Engineering employers have repeatedly identified a skills shortage within the industry. In other words,  if you’re a qualified engineer you’re likely to be in-demand. 

With the country currently enjoying a hiring boom, now is the opportune time to update your CV. If you’re looking for exciting vacancies in engineering, Gregory Martin frequently has opportunities in engineering in a number of locations, including Stevenage.

Latest roles include an opening for a Research Team Lead in Stevenage.

This vacancy is ideal for someone with a PhD or MSc in Wireless Communications (or an associated discipline).

The right candidate will be heading up the Advanced Research Team to create and prove new product concepts and new technologies that are to be exploited by the BU. These will be used to enhance the existing product lines, or to create new product lines.

You should have experience as a line manager and will have a team of five engineers. The right person will also have hands-on experience conducting research project in the wireless communication domain.

Gregory Martin is also seeking a UI/UX Architect in Stevenage, for someone with an Hons degree in an Engineering or Scientific discipline, preferably within the mobile communication industry.

This role involves being responsible for driving the requirements and architectural design of the UI/UX improvements. Experience should include driving Test-Driven Development, database tools and RESTful  API’s. It’s ideal for someone with thorough experience of the software development life cycle.

They’re also seeking a Software Engineer in Stevenage to work with wireless communication systems.

You’ll be working in an Agile environment, where you will be specialising in a platform XFT Team. The right candidate will need at least 5 years’ experience primarily with C++ and preferably have a C development background as well. You should also have a degree or equivalent in Software.

If you’re interested in one of these roles, simply contact their team for more information.