Discover The Latest Aerospace Jobs In Marlow

Monday, September 16, 2019

Gregory Martin frequently has vacancies in one of the leading market sectors in the UK, the aerospace industry. Their latest roles include those for a Firmware Engineer for a global aerospace company in Marlow. 

Despite Brexit, careers in the aerospace industry are booming in Britain with the sector playing an important part in our economy.

The government has recently given this industry a £150 million boost to reward innovative projects; they are mainly looking to reward projects involving whole aircraft design and integration, advanced systems, propulsion technologies and aerostructures, along with other priority areas.

The sector has expanded 39% in only five years, with growth being driven by booming export sales.

For example, the UK is Boeing’s third-largest source of supply in the world after the US and Japan. It employs over 120,000 people and supports a further 118 jobs indirectly, according to data in 2017.

Companies in the aerospace sector range from small entrepreneurial firms to large corporations and there’s been a rapid rise in apprenticeships in the industry, with over 4,100 apprenticeships available for young people.

If you’re a high flier looking for your next opportunity, Gregory Martin has many vacancies for top companies in the defence sector, including those in Marlow and Wimborne. Why not check out their latest jobs in government and defence in Marlow today?