Engineering Roles In The Aerospace Sector In The Midlands

Monday, May 8, 2023

As an exciting, ever-evolving industry, the aerospace sector is a great place for an engineer to work. 

It is an industry far ahead in terms of innovation and investing in new technology. Because graduates are in high demand in this industry, they can command high starting salaries and other benefits. As an aerospace engineer you’ll get to design, develop and test aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missiles. You can also work on creating and testing prototypes to make sure that they function according to design.

Gregory Martin is seeking a CPU Design Engineer in the aerospace sector in Solihull, Midlands.

The company is looking for an experienced CPU Design Engineer to join the processor development team to design, develop and verify CPUs for the company’s systems and Controls Centre of Excellence 

You will be part of a small team responsible for the microarchitecture definition and implementation of new RISC-V processor cores for use on future projects. The CPUs they develop are used on a diverse range of safety critical applications. 

Your ability to find cutting edge solutions to complex problems will ensure the CPUs operate safely and reliably in the harshest of environments.

Qualifications and experience required for this role.

The CPU Design Engineer will need  significant ASIC and/or FPGA design experience in volume deployed products using VHDL and/or Verilog RTL. You should be able to show experience of the complete ASIC/FPGA process flow, Synthesis, Layout and timing analysis.

You should also have a detailed knowledge of CPU architecture, bus architectures and high-speed memories. 

The right candidate must have considerable experience of RTL and gate level simulation and debug using simulators such as Modelsim, Questa, Incisive or another similar tool. You should also have experience in integrating and debugging designs and supporting H/W S/W teams resolve issues.

You should also have a degree, MSc, PhD or equivalent  in Electronics, Computer Science, Cyber Security  or similar subjects or solid work experience within this area of work.

If you’re interested in this role in the Midlands, simply get in touch for more information. 

01252 710215.