Find Jobs Online In Basingstoke

Monday, March 16, 2020

Ready to find your next position in Basingstoke? Gregory Martin can help you find the best jobs online, with their skilled and experienced recruitment consultants always abiding by the highest standards.

Although the Coronavirus might be interrupting your job search, now is a good time to improve your CV and work on your interview skills.

Many recruitment firms are carrying out interviews over video because of candidates being stuck at home. One upside is that it’s easier to contact candidates when they’re not in the office or at meetings. They’re therefore more likely to answer their mobile phone. Online interviews can save time for everybody although they don’t work for everybody.

If you’re looking to find jobs online in Basingstoke, Gregory Martin’s latest opportunities include those for a Implementation Consultant and Lead Software Developer in this area.

The Implentation Consultant role is ideal for a highly motivated and driven candidate who has passion for products and people. You should have previous experience in IT implementation or consultancy and a demonstrable track record of achievement.

The Lead Software Developer role is for a fast-growing innovative company looking for people who believe they have the imagination to design the best user experience.

If you’re searching for jobs online in Basingstoke, why not register your details with Gregory Martin today?