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Monday, March 28, 2016

Searching for a new job in Surrey?

This week the National Living Wage is finally being implemented across the UK, which means everyone over 25 must earn at least £7.20 an hour. This will boost pay for around 4.5 million workers across the UK.

Fortunately, the UK job market also hasn’t been too affected by the uncertainties of Brexit.

If you want to move onwards and upwards in 2016, Surrey-based recruitment agency Gregory Martin are keen to help you.

Their consultants always treat every candidate as an individual, and their services include CV and interview tips- so you can face even the toughest questions. The Independent recently revealed the most bizarre and toughest interview questions, including ‘If you had three minutes alone in a lift with a CEO, what would you say?’

Research shows there is a correlation between tougher interview questions and job satisfaction. So, it’s not all bad news. According this study, more challenging interviews upfront are associated with higher employee satisfaction later on.

With Gregory-Martin’s help you can be prepared for anything. No matter you sector or level of experience, Gregory-Martin treat all candidates according to the REC’s strict code of practice.

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