Looking For A Recruitment Agency In Basingstoke?

Monday, November 7, 2016

This week we’ve had the shock of the American election result to contend with. It was arguably even more unexpected than the result of the EU referendum in the summer, and once again sent the financial markets into temporary disarray.

While our job market is thriving despite Brexit uncertainty, people are now wondering what effect the election will have on the American job market.

Here in the UK, the job market has been thriving after the summer pause. The total number of job vacancies in the second and third quarter was up 1.6% compared to last year. However, the one downside is that the number of temporary positions has increased by 10.35%, according to data released by Recruitment Software. Applications have been rising compared to the same time last year, which shows there is plenty of optimism from candidates.

If you’re looking for a recruitment agency that focus on permanent appointments, Gregory Martin are ideal for anybody in Basingstoke or the surrounding locations.

As a recruitment agency, they cover a huge range of market sectors, that range from Administration and Marketing to Engineering, Manufacturing Operations and IT & Communications.

Gregory Martin are an REC approved recruitment agency, which means they always adhere to the highest levels of professional and ethical conduct.

To start your job search in Basingstoke, simply register your CV.

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