Looking For IT And Communications Roles In Cheshire?

Monday, November 8, 2021

Are you keen to find your next role before the new year?

Now is actually a great time to be job hunting. Candidate shortages are leading to record levels of growth when it comes to starting pay, and companies are offering more benefits in order to attract the right applicants.

Indeed, the lack of applicants is so severe that the Government is encouraging people to upskill in the year ahead. The UK is still very much recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and both companies and job seekers are in transition.

One area where skills are always in demand is software development. If you’re a skilled developer and recently graduated, you’ll find there are many companies looking for talented people like you.

Gregory Martin often has great opportunities for graduates in software development, including a recent opening in Cheshire.

This Graduate Software Developer in Knutsford role is ideal for someone with experience with Java C# and .NET skills. You should also have an outstanding academic track record, excellent analytical and computational skills.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enter an excellent Graduate programme, offering many great benefits including a salary up to £55,000. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in solving difficult and complex technical problems in imaginative ways.

This role is for a web security software house and will enable you to learn directly from the best Software Developers in the industry.  You will program in pairs from day one and be working on real production code.

If you’re looking for graduate software roles, check out their latest vacancies today. Or contact their recruitment agents for more information.