Makes The Most Of The Job Market In Farnham

Monday, May 16, 2016

The latest employment figures are so positive they’re making front page news, particularly in The Guardian.

According to the latest figures, the unemployment rate has dropped by 2,000 and there are now 31.567million people in work. That means that the latest employment rate has now hit 74.2%, figures, which is partly attributed to the fact women are working longer. In any case, this means that the general picture in the UK is extremely uplifting. Seven years on from the financial crisis, the economy is fortunately in a very different place.

Average wages have risen in the first quarter by 2%, including a rise in bonuses. Economists are also expecting earnings to rise in the economy by 1.7%. This is despite the fact the job market is weathering many uncertainties, including our place in the EU. So, if you’re considering looking for a new job, now is an opportune time.

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