Marketing jobs in Basingstoke

Friday, October 23, 2015

With the UK currently enjoying a strong job market, now is a great time to get job hunting. According the Office of National Statistics the UK’s total employment figure is 31.05 m. That makes it the highest on record. Growth has not only been sustained it has also increased, which is great news for the overall economic landscape.

If you’ve recently graduated, you might currently be considering career options. Post-graduation is often a difficult time of transition, with many graduates unsure where to go next. 

Marketing is a particularly popular career option for new graduates. With employment predominantly permanent, it has innumerable opportunities for progression. Popular entry level positions include working as a Marketing Executive or Product Manager. 

With the choice of media becoming ever more exciting, the sector is only likely to grow in the next few years. Many people look to develop their digital skills to get ahead. 

If you’re looking for marketing jobs in Basingstoke, consider contacting Gregory Martin. Based in Farnham, they are recruitment specialists for permanent appointments from graduate to director level. As members of the REC, their quality of conduct and expertise is guaranteed. 

To contact Gregory Martin, simply call 01252 710 215.

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