Need A Recruitment Company In Surrey?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Are you looking to make a career move in 2017? Are you based in leafy Surrey?

‘Make hay while the sun shines,’ the old proverb goes. This is highly applicable to the current job market: with unemployment at a record low, there hasn’t been a better time to find a job in a long time. The number of people unemployed dropped by 52,000 to 1.6 million last year; this is the lowest level in a decade.

Despite many unanswered questions regarding Brexit, and the uncertainty that president Donald Trump brings to the world economy, we’re in a far better position than during the 2008-2013 recession. The job market has so far been little affected by all the drama happening elsewhere. Many experts are confident that many sectors are set to thrive this year.

This January is a fantastic time to get your CV in shape, brush up on those interview skills and get in contact with a quality recruitment agency.

For an experienced recruitment company in Surrey, put your CV in the hands of Gregory Martin.

Gregory Martin is a REC approved recruitment company based in Fleet, Hampshire who cover many locations in the South East, including Surrey.

If you’re in Surrey, why not register your CV today?

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