Product Engineer Jobs in Wimborne

Monday, August 13, 2018

Did you know the number of unfilled job vacancies in the UK is at a record high?

There is particularly a job shortage is the engineering sector, with 1.8 million people needed to be trained before 2025- that means around 186,000 skilled recruits will be needed every year until 2024.

The UK government has called 2018 ‘The Year of the Engineering’ in order to draw attention to the importance of this sector. They have also recently increased spending in the defence sector which means it’s a great time to enter this industry.

Furthermore, they are promoting students’ interest in STEM subjects which are often unpopular at A Level (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to ensure we are working towards training a new generation of engineers.

At Gregory Martin we have many great opportunities for engineers in the aerospace sector, one of the most diverse industries in the UK- and the second largest aerospace sector in the world after the US.

Typical salaries in the aerospace sector tend to be highly competitive and pay increases often happen extremely quickly.  

The latest roles include those for Lead Test & Qualification Engineers in Wimborne to work across multiple integrated product teams. This vacancy is ideal for a candidate that has a BA degree in an Engineering specialism and a strong background in Systems Engineering. You should also have prior experience of performing environmental and functional testing.

Why not explore their latest engineering roles in Wimborne?