Recruitment Company Hants

Thursday, June 4, 2015

With employment in the UK is at a record high, now is a good time to get job hunting. However, with such a capricious market, there are still difficulties to be had.

The Evening Standard has recently reported that 150,000 Londoners now work two jobs to make ends meet. Although the job statistics maybe getting better, most people still need help from a good recruitment company.Some cities in particular are still pushing for growth, including London. Its growth rate is slightly below average, at 42pc; this is surprising, given that the capital had more jobs in the first place.

The job market is 2008 was a frightening place for new job hunters. For 2015 graduates, however, there’s no doubt that the market is much brighter. This month universities will be launching over 350,000 graduates onto the market. If you’re a new graduate, finding a decent recruitment consultancy will give you a serious head start.

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