Searching For Aerospace Engineer Jobs In Salisbury?

Monday, September 9, 2019

Are you interested in working in one of the UK’s most high flying industries? If you’re based near Salisbury and a skilled Aerospace Engineer, Gregory Martin can help drive your career forward. 

The aerospace sector is one of the most important in the UK and has gone from strength to strength over the past few decades. 

A new report has found the UK is one of the most attractive countries for aerospace manufacturing. We score highly on labour skill and infrastructure and the government has a range of policies designed to encourage investment in the aerospace sector.

Fortunately, the country continues to be a strong competitor despite the high levels of geopolitical instability. However, it has experienced a slow-down amid fears of a no-deal Brexit. The sector spent around £600 million preparing for Brexit before 29th March.

Gregory Martin has many exciting jobs for Aerospace Engineers at leading companies in the UK. Their latest openings include those for a B2 Licenced Engineer and B1.2 Licenced Engineer in Salisbury. 

The former is ideal for an engineer who is type rated and has experience working on the Bell 412/212. The right candidate should have a good working knowledge of health and safety policies. 

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