Searching For Aerospace Engineering Jobs In Wimborne?

Monday, September 10, 2018

Are you ready to find your next job in aerospace engineering?

If you’re currently searching for a new job, you might be one of many people looking to make the most of an optimistic job market. According to recent research, 18.8% of UK employees indicated they were unlikely to want to stay in their current role for long while nearly 40% said they had confidence in the current economy.

Although Brexit is creating a great deal of uncertainty for employers and employees, unemployment levels are still the lowest they’ve been in many decades. For those people looking for new roles, life-work balance is considered one of the most important factors. Stability and location were also considered to be important factors for job hunters, according to the survey reported on the Online Recruitment Resource.

Gregory Martin is ideal for job hunters based in Wimborne looking to drive forward their career in aerospace engineering.

Their latest vacancies include one for a Project Planner for a highly successful global aerospace company which work on multiple complex safety project with a value up to £500 million.

This role is ideal for somebody with precious experience working on complex projects and previous project management and administrative experience. It is ideal for a candidate who is used to working with large amounts of complex data and who has previous experience within a safety critical business.

For more information, browse their range of aerospace engineering jobs today.