Searching For Management Consultant Roles In Winchester?

Monday, August 17, 2020

Are you a management consultant looking for your next challenge?

Management consultants are important for helping organisations to solve a range of issues, maximise their growth and improve their overall performance. In short, they’re there to help companies find new and better ways of doing things.

Management consultants should be able to provide objective advice and expertise so an organisation can develop any specialist skills they might be lacking.

According to research, people working in this type of role report being above average in terms of happiness. A survey at CareerExplorer found that consultants rate their career happiness 3.2 out of 5 stars which puts them in the top 50% of careers.

Gregory Martin regularly has roles in the beautiful historic city of Winchester including those in Defence, Energy/Environment and the Public/Government sectors.

Their latest vacancies include those for Senior Analyst/Consultant – Management Consultants in Winchester.

This role requires somebody with a strong analytical background and experience working in defence, particularly in the public sector. You should have solid management consulting skills, along with Advanced Excel and Excel VBA experience

As a Management Consultant, you should have significant levels of experience when applying for this role as it will enable clients to undertake strategic decision making and implement transformational change into their organisation.


You should also have a diverse range of practical experience of successful portfolios and programmes, together with project management design and delivery experience.