Searching For The Latest Engineering Jobs In Fleet, Hampshire?

Monday, April 20, 2020

Located in Fleet, Hampshire, Gregory Martin is ideal for candidates looking for their next role in engineering, particularly in the aerospace sector.

Thousands of job seekers have had their plans interrupted by the Coronavirus crisis, but you’ll find there are still companies that are still actively hiring. In fact, vacancies in some key industries have continued to rise including in the engineering sector.

However, seven out of ten firms in the UK have found themselves having to furlough staff to cope with the pandemic. Fortunately, the UK employment rate was at a record high before the lockdown, and it goes without saying that the economy is more in shape to cope with the crisis than it would have been during the 2008-2013 recession.

Gregory Martin is continuing to connect companies with the right candidates, with their latest roles including Energy and Mechanical Project Engineers. 

They are currently looking for a Process/Mechanical Project Engineer for an innovative, fast-growing process and engineering consultancy specialising in utilities and process engineering projects. 

This role is ideal for a candidate who has design environment experience and can demonstrate capability in several of the several areas that include collating, analysing and presenting design data.

If you’re looking for your next role in engineering, why not explore their latest roles today?