Solving your recruitment challenges

Attracting and choosing the right person for your company is not a simple task. To help us to find the right candidate for your vacancy, please provide us with as much information as possible. First of all, look carefully at the job, decide exactly what it consists of, and draw up a Job Description.

You can then work out in detail the kind of person you need to do the job: what experience, qualifications, skills, knowledge and abilities are required to do it, and then draw up the Person Specification.

Once we have this information from you, a Recruitment Consultant will be assigned to handle your individual requirements. The Consultant will utilise our database resources to find suitable candidates and, with your permission, will simultaneously place strategic advertisements to broaden the search.

A shortlist of pre-screened applicants will then be drawn up and fully briefed on your vacancy. Those whose qualifications and experience match your needs will then be forwarded on to you for consideration, together with our Terms and Conditions of Business.

Once interviews have been arranged, we will confirm the arrangements to both parties in writing. If you are not an experienced interviewer, you may find our guide on Successful Interviewing helpful.

If you have arranged to pay travel expenses to candidates who are travelling a long distance to see you, please let the applicant know before they leave when they might expect to receive payment if they are not being reimbursed on the day.

Finally, we very much appreciate having feedback as soon as possible following our candidates' interviews so that we can keep them informed of progress.

The Job Description

  • The Job Description should include the following information:
  • Job title
  • Who the position reports to
  • Department
  • Number of subordinates (if any) and their job titles
  • The overall purpose of the job
  • Key tasks and responsibilities
  • The degree of authority to take independent decisions
  • Any budgetary responsibility
  • Any other contacts that the job holder might be involved with
  • Location if other than at the head office

The Person Specification

  • The Person specification should include the following information:
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Skills required
  • Aptitudes
  • Attitude
  • Appearance

Please remember that the person spec must be based strictly on the requirements to perform the job, and take into account the principles of equal opportunities. On listing exactly what the job requires, you will probably find that certain things will be essential, and others desirable.