Find Project and contract management jobs Surrey

Monday, May 18, 2015

Like all careers, project managerial roles are perfect for those with the right attributes. If you’re searching for jobs in this sector,there are couple of things to consider.

Firstly, are you good at communicating on all levels?  This is considered one of the top-tier skills for project managers in all industries. If you appreciate the fact different people require different kinds of contact, you’re already one step towards being a good project manager. Similarly if you’re considering contract management jobs, you will need equally adept communication skills.

Are you confident when it comes to public speaking? Although some individuals are skilled at putting projects together, they struggle when it comes to presenting information to stakeholders. You need to gain the positive encouragement of all people affected by a project. If you don’t feel you’re a natural, don’t panic; presentation skills often require training and development.

Lastly: are you good at problem solving with confidence?People who are self-assured regarding their abilities to brainstorm and implement solutions, make excellent project managers.

If looking to find project and contract management jobs in Surrey, head to Gregory Martin. Based in Farnham, they are recruitment specialists for permanent appointments for candidates from graduate to director-level. As members of the REC (The Recruitment and Employment Confederation), they adhere strictly to its ethical code of conduct at all times.

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