• I was highly impressed by the care and attention I was given by Annie and Gregory-Martin as an extension. Punctuality and attentiveness far above other recruiters I had been in contact with. She seemed to be familiar with the businesses I was matched with and gave highly tailored advice which was no doubt invaluable in the interview process. Speaking with some recruiters can be a daunting process but with Annie's friendly tone and general expertise, I was always happy to receive a call. I highly recommend this agency to anyone, but especially graduates, looking for job opportunities.

  • I was looking for a graduate opportunity having graduated from university and found a vacancy listed on a recruitment website. After submitting my application, I was immediately contacted by Annie Hartley from Gregory-Martin, who guided me through the application process. Her experience and dedication helped me feel relaxed as I approached the interviews and her existing correspondence with recruiters meant she understood their needs as well as mine. This led to me being well prepared for the interview and have a level of confidence going into it. I am happy to announce that I received the graduate job offer and I am extremely grateful for the work that Annie Hartley and Gregory-Martin were responsible for. I highly recommend this agency for others seeking graduate recruitment.

  • I am so grateful to Anne for the caring and outstanding service I received when I decided on a change of job. Anne took time to listen to my circumstances, my experience and my life outside of work and found me a role that suited all my needs perfectly. Anne and Gegory-Martin exceeded my expectations in all aspects, providing friendly and supportive advice and regular updates throughout the process. Thanks to Anne and the team for an outstanding, personal and caring experience, I would recommend Gregory-Martin to anyone

  • As a graduate, even though there are a lot of jobs out there, it is still a very daunting and challenging experience trying to find the perfect job for you. After a few unsuccessful interviews, I thought nothing was going to go my way. However, I then came across one job online and was then contacted by Annie Hartley at Gregory-Martin, and she was a big reason why I secured a job. She was very friendly, joyful and was there for you whenever you needed to talk, which made me feel wanted and at ease. Annie updated me constantly on my job application process which made it very clear for me where I was at and what I had to do. Many other recruiters I have come across in the past never even put in even half the effort Annie did for me. I am very thankful for her work and would definitely recommend to others.

  • I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding support and guidance provided by Anne during my job application process. Her friendly and approachable demeanor immediately put me at ease, making what could have been a daunting experience remarkably simple and enjoyable. Anne's expertise and commitment were evident from the get go. She patiently guided me through each step of the application process ensuring that I felt well prepared and confident for my interview. Thanks to Anne's assistance I was able to secure the job I had been aiming for. Without hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend Anne to anyone in search of a recruiter who not only possesses skills but also genuinely cares and offers a friendly demeanor.

  • As a university student the job search can be very difficult to fit in alongside studies. Annie Hartley at Gregory-Martin was instrumental in me securing a graduate job, she understood the type of job I was looking for and helped to organise interviews which was extremely helpful. Annie also kept me updated on my applications with regular phone calls regarding decisions companies had made, and was extremely friendly and supportive along the way. I thank Annie for her help and recommend Gregory-Martin to any university student looking for employment after they finish

  • Having decided upon a career change, I was so glad to have met Annie. She understood my experience, what I was looking for, and was able to suggest a role that offers everything I need. She was supportive and friendly throughout the process, providing encouragement and advice when I had questions about this new-to-me sector. Thank you for helping me make a great new step in my career!

  • Annie was very knowledgeable and friendly from our initial phone call. She understood the company's requirements and could see how my experience would fit the advertised role. Throughout the application process, Annie and Gregory-Martin have been proactive and supportive, providing cover letter and interview advice. I would recommend their services to any would-be job applicant.
    You've been great!

  • Having found Gregory-Martin accidentally I was contacted by Annie who made not only the application process easy, but the preparation and interview phase a breeze. Having served in the military and not applied for jobs for a while I thought finding a new job was the most daunting task I could face, but Annie made it so easy and relaxing I can now look forward to my next role. Thank you for all your help, I really do appreciate it.

  • I could not speak highly enough of Gregory-Martin. This was the first role they have found me and should I need any recruitment help in future I would definitely return to them. I felt valued and supported by both Sue and Anne and were impressed with their knowledge of their client! Thank you both!