Manufacturing Engineer

Monday, December 23, 2019

We at Gregory Martin are a team of professionals, here to help you through the difficult feat of finding a job in 2019. Our business has been helping people around the nation secure jobs since 1983, we are a long standing member of the recruitment and employment confederation (REC), and we’re more than ready to deliver you the high standard of service from our professional partnership.

We have a thorough understanding and appreciation for various market sectors, working with businesses in their infancy and some that are multinational corporations. By utilising our vast experience, consulting with you and staying ahead of the needs of the companies we work with. We’re certain we can get you on the path to career success.

One of our newer Roles

An example of one of the newer roles available at our company is that of a manufacturing engineer. Working within and around Wimborne in Dorset, you’ll be earning between £40,000 and £45,000 with a number of excellent benefits. You’ll be part of a versatile team working within the aerospace sector, you’ll need to have experience in the field already, with the ability to work in a team and the competence to fulfil a number of engineering tasks. Find out more about this sought-after position here, on our website. 

This is just one example of the many jobs we provide to those who choose our services. Work with Gregory-Martin and get the job you’re looking for. We’ll consult with you along the way, arranging everything to get you moving. Why wait? Check out more of our services on our homepage, alternatively give us a ring on: 01252 710215